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i've been going to burningman for the last 10 years as a monogamous married woman.
now i'm divorced and i'm 'old', a grandmother in my early 60's. maybe i feel like getting lucky. this may seem a little silly, but i was wondering about pubic hair. do most all women now shave down there? it seems like the girly magazines my husband used to get, the women had next to nothing. i have a rather healthy bush mixed with gray. do some women still have all their pubic hair? i was thinking of shaving it cause i don't want to scare some man that may have gotten used to hairless women.
what are your thoughts?
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  • I should give you the PC response - you know, whatever you feel good with, blah blah blah.

    But I won't.

    You should probably shave. Not shaving is making a statement, which is all good, but if that is not what you are going for, then I'd do some trimming.

    I'm not a fan of the total bald little girl look. My personal preference is to remove everything on your underside. That means get the pink parts, butt crack, and outer labia. On the front, I shave the stuff that would stick out of a bikini. So my actual bush is probably three inches wide. I then trim that down a bit with scizzors.

    And good luck finding some adventure this year~
  • Every woman is different - its all personal preference, sometimes partner preference. Most men understand this when first meeting a new partner.

    Personally, I trim as much as possible - partly for hygiene, partly for looks - with the occassional bikini wax. Sometimes I shave the bikini line, too. I tend to get nasty ingrown hairs about a week after waxing and after a few days if I shave.

    You have a week before BM - if your certain you want to try something new, you might want to try trimming with hair scissors and see how you like that first. If you want something else, try waxing.
    • Also, I think it is a missconception that every woman shaves. Many don't. I think that your comfort level should dictate how far you go. If you feel sassy and need a change, go for it. But if you end up not liking it, you might feel uncomfortable. I would agree with Lisa. Start with trimming a little, and see how you like it. Keep on trimming until you feel comfortable. It can be quite a shock to find yourself totally exposed down there if you are not used to it.

      One thing though, if you have never shaved before, I wouldn't recommend it for your first time on playa. Shaving can, and most often leads to ingrown hairs until you get used to it (and for some of people, it is an ongoing battle). Dealing with ingrown hairs at BM sounds counterproductive to me. A nice, short trim (down to 1/4 inch) is quite comfortable and might give you the results you are after.
  • I'm fifty, I trim, but never shave or wax or pluck. I hate all that fuss. And as for the underbits, well, it might be nice, but the maintenance is more than I personally care to deal with. Nothing worse than itchy grow in. Oh yes, itchy grow in on the playa in the heat and the dust with no camp shower.

    If it isn't your normal routine, don't try it for the first time on the playa!
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      I would have to agree--for something like that, I don't think the playa is the best place to give it a whirl for the first time...

      Perhaps just a bit of a "tidy-up" before jetting town... If you do decide to trim up the "sideburns" with a razor, go WITH the growth of the hair, not against it--not quite as smooth, but much less irritating and less chance of ingrowns...
  • Go with what you are comfortable with. Really.

    The girly magazines are akin to the fashion magazines - they show a marketed ideal and it's not what everyone should aspire to be.

    I know there is at least one camp on playa that will trim (or shave) you up.. if you decide to do that. This might be an interesting experience. I think they are called the Punjabi Trim palace.. or place... or something like that.
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      actually that would be PUNANI Trim Parlor...haha...they don't mess around with the name do they

      it's gonna be at Desert and 4:30
  • I'm over 50 now... and been Waxing (when I can afford to) and definitely shaving for YEARS, but as was mentioned,.,. it is a matter of personal preference..... do what makes you feel comfortable....

    I've even shaved mine in a heart shape before.....

    personally, I am a "shave that shit" kinda girl... but thats just me..... <grin>

    Have fun. no matter what you decide to do..... just be YOU!!!

  • Shaving is probably the worst thing you can do. It'll grow back really quick, you'll have razor-sharp stubble that will irritate your sensitive parts, and you're likely to get ingrown hairs unless you're really careful.

    I'd say either wax (painful, expensive, but lasts a long time) or just trim it up. I used to wax, until it started giving me ingrown hairs and I got tired of it, and now I just trim it down to almost nothing. Feels fine, it's cheap, I don't get any complaints. :-)
    • Related question ... Any advice on the ingrown hairs? I get bikini waxes everyo couple of months and after a week a few ingrowns drive me nuts! I've tried different lotions for moisturing with some success ... another friend recommended using a pumice stone to gently remove dirt and skin that's clogging the poors.

      Thoughts, advice???
      • I must be lucky, I've NEVER had ingrown hairs... if I don't have the money and I'm not waxing, and I have to shave I just lather up real well, if ya use the mens shave gel called Edge, it Tingles.... <grin> just dont get it inside... it burns if ya do....

        use a new blade ALWAYS, and shave in the direction the hair grows and I never have an issue....

        I know there is a product you can rub on after you shave but at the moment I can't recall what its called.... it's a creme that inhibits hair growth, and helps to prevent the ingrown hairs... look for it at a good pharmacy, in the hair removal section...

        it had the word Bikini in it... it's an after shave product for women.... I dont use it anymore, but in the begining it helpd to prevent the ingrown hairs.... read the labels.... it will tell you....

        Dont ever use Nair or any other hair removal product in that area...

        after you shave awhile your body gets used to it... just like a guys face.... and ya have less issues the more you do it....

        it's part of my daily shower routine.... I run a sharpe blade over that area once a day... when I shower... the skin is used to it now.....

        just my personal preference....

        • The product to use against ingrowns is called Tend Skin.

          I personally switched to the next-to-nothing trim with the trimmy part of my elecric razor a while ago, and I let it all get to about 3/8" before I go back and trim it again. This way there's no mouthful of hair, I don't look like an infant, and it's never really prickly. Works for me!

          If you do decide to do something new with it, I'd suggest doing it now or so, so that you have time to get used to it without all the extra input the playa will add (bicycle seat, heat, sweat, play dust, etc.)

          And, since I haven't seen it mentioned in a while, I'll also mention the wisdom of wearing panties on the playa--unless you're an inveterate commando, you'll be happier keeping all that stuff (and the reflected sun!) off your cootchie.

          *bouncing with excitement*
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        you want to go and get this stuff called Tend's what i used when i was waxing helps prevent and get rid of ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving

        you should also exfoliate the area...gently...NOT with a pumice stone...a good ol' washcloth or loofah is sufficient.

        just don't exfoliate for a couple of days after you wax or will get too irritated, but you can use the Tend Skin right might burn a smidge right after but that's normal.
      • for ingrown hairs, use a scrub with salycilic (sp?) acid every day or 2. yes, that's the same ingredient that's in acne scrubs. i'm not sure why it works, but i googled suggestions for treating ingrowns and that's what it came up with. and let me tell you - it works!

        as for the original question in this thread, please, for your sanity on the playa, do not shave or wax for the first time for this trip. you will end up irritated and itchy and generally too unhappy to enjoy whatever conquest you come upon. trimming to whatever level you choose is definitely a much better idea for now. when get back to the default world you can look into whatever hair removal method suits your fancy.
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          >>for ingrown hairs, use a scrub with salycilic (sp?) acid every day or 2. yes, that's the same ingredient that's in acne scrubs. i'm not sure why it works, but i googled suggestions for treating ingrowns and that's what it came up with. and let me tell you - it works! <<

          yes that stuff does work...the salicylic acid exfoliates and gets rid of all of that dead skin and oils....BUT if you are going to be baring that are to the sun, DO NOT use it as it will make your skin VERY sensitive and burn easily, you could get a rash, and it will cause hyperpigmentation...those brown spots people get from the sun...

          it is better to use a loofah, washcloth or a very gentle very gentle around there girls!
          • true, sun exposure is a concern when using salicylic acid, but bear in mind, ladies, that's also the key ingredient (besides rubbing alcohol) found in Tend Skin...
  • I would agree that the heat/sweat/hygiene factor is more important than any audience, and that at least trimming is a good idea.
    [and getting rid of thigh hair is definitely more aesthetically pleasing]
    I'm not a fan of the bald/little girl look either, and it is nice to have a decent sized patch over your pubic bone to act as a "landing pad"--cushion you against the action. ;p

    For the question about after-wax treatment, I've been recommended to, as soon after as you can stand [generally the next day], use a body scrub to make sure there isn't any gunk in the pores/follicles. Works for me.

    Best wishes with whatever you decide! ;D
  • I do think its a very american...and perhaps british thing to be obsessesed with body hair. Its also a complete falacy to suggest being hairy is unhygenic. Even in hot weather. Many woman in africa do not shave etc. It may make it EASIER to keep clean. Its largely a matter of personal taste. There are going to be men from all over the world with all sorts of tastes and preferences....and I don't think when you're getting on with it in a tent he's going to care too much. If he does...well pffft!
    Actually interestingly enough I remember reading that in the Victorian Era you could take photos of naked woman with shaved bits because they weren't considered to be sexually explicit as she would be seen as a-sexual (a pre-pubescent girl therefore not a sexual being)...well that was their resoning.
    Personally, I wax my bikini line, trim and neaten up. But not always...only for special occasions. And I've never had a man (erm not that there have been hordes of them admittidetly) run screaming....well not because of hair at least ;-) I used to swim a s a teenager and I got HORRIBLE ingrown hairs from shaving, still have the scars. But I don't get them so much with waxing. Though Nair or one of those hair removal work fairly well..but check it can be used on the bikini line first. And gentle exfoliation is allegedly supposed to help prevent ingrown hairs...though I've never noticed it makes a difference on the bikini line.
    • YOu can use corn starch after you shave to help cut down on any irritation, which also helps to cut down on ingrown hairs. I try to wear loose ( like boxers) panties after I shave if I can. Also, the Venus shaver is amazing.

      But not, I repeat, do not shave everything off the day before Burning Man!!! Please! The first time you shave - or if you have not shaved in a very very long time - the hair grows back and it's insanely uncomfortable. I don't know why this goes away after a few rounds of shaving, but it does. Really, the discomfort of the first time after shaving? ... Wow. It's like you can feel each and every individual hair growing and poking at you like a little tiny needle. And it itches like crazy. You will be walking around with your hand on your crotch. And not in a good way.

      But then, I do have sensitive skin.

      Just go hairy or do a close trim. I know people have preferences. However, it is my opinion that if a guy (or girl) is truly put off by your pubic hair then he's a loser.
  • This year I finally got to get lazer hair removal for my girly bits and I have to say I love it. I didnt get it all take off, but what I did have taken off will never grow back so not more waxing, plucking, shaving. Ahhh its super nice. However it is kinda expensive but it was my valentine days present. Also you can get any sun down there for about 4 months while in treament so its a winter adventure. Good luck.
  • hair removal and the obsession with it is indeed very western.

    It is also true that in no way is it supported or factual that less or no hair is more hygenic in fact thats one reason they no longer routienly shave at births.. shaved women had more infections.

    your question from what I gather is more fashion than practicality.

    Pubic hair like every other has fads and trends and the trend has been increasingly less... everything from landing strip, to the right there arrow/ triangel, a heart, or the Barbie doll special.

    what you choose is up to you, though by current trend going Au natural is like declaring my name is moonflower and I go to the rainbow gatherning.. not that there is anything wrong with that but it is what it is.

    Triming is more common with older women my mom in her 60's trims but would never shave. Many friends shave or wax the nether bits and leave pubic hair directions up abouve... down here buddy its down here!

    Personaly I shave and have for years.. my ex husband got me started it was his fetish... I stopped breifly bu realized I liked it. I shave at every shower so it is part of my daily routien. So I never ever have grow in issues.
  • Me and mylarry like pubic hair enough to seek out old 70s porn instead of the new stuff. I mean, when even the guys have bare balls, euw. Let's hear it for Debby Does Dallas!
  • No opinions on what you should do with your pubes. They're your pubes... do whatever you are most comfortable with. If you are comfortable with yourself, then others will be too. And if any man is going find you less desirable because of the styling of your pubes, well then, he doesn't deserve to be near them. Just find a man who's appreciative of your gift and let your worries go.

    Sidenote... am I the only one who thinks it's hysterical, and wonderful, that every year so many of us come on here asking...

    What should I do with my pubes?

    Oh... and for the record... some of us do the 'bald 12 year old girl look' not because we want to look like little girls, but because as we get older, things tend to get a little patchy down there. Easier to just rip it all out than try to do a punani comb-over. Just wait, you'll see :-)
    • Dusty, have I told you lately, I LOVE YOU!!! <grin>

      ya made me laugh so hard... punani combover.... hahahahahahha!!!!!!

      true true.... Hahahhah!!!! thats why its so fucking hysterical.....

      Lova ya woman...

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      on the other hand... hair covers out the droopage that comes with being a seasoned woman... boobies ain't the only things that go south for the winter....

      I hadn't realised how many of us crones there were until this thread... right on! :))
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    If you don't shave, I wouldn't now. PLENTY of women don't. I am 33 years old, don't now, never will. If you shave now you are guaranteed to be very uncomfortable dealing with a newly raw pubis when you are in an already extreme climate.

    Take care of yourself the way you take care of yourself. Everyone on the playa has seen pussy hair and will so again.

    Take care.
  • My sweetie likes hair on me down there, he says he likes the texture. Many guys these days don't like it, but now there is almost a fetish for women WITH hair. I personally don't like the bulky hair down below and really don't like to be bald on top. So, a great tip is to use a mustache trimmer. I use it pretty often and I like it. Razors work but the upkeep is daily and who needs that? If I shave on top at all I get in grown hairs and can't stand that.

    Do what you feel sexy in! And remember this, if you do decide to shave part or all of your will get in growns and your skin will be a bit raw the first few times.
  • I wouldn't try something new like shaving your pubes RIGHT before you leave for the playa.

    If you're really gonna do it, try it tonight or this weekend. I find shaving cream and a good razor
    work fine. And don't shave it all if you want to avoid all the stubble itch and skin issues. I shave
    around the edges and down below, then trip everything else pretty short. Less hair means less
    of anything to soak up moisture, so I feel cleaner, and it's easier to stay clean in between precious
    showers. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

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    WEll I know that many people who normally have at least something there (even if it is just a landing strip type deal and not a full bush) go ahead and shave it all off out of consideration for the conditions present at BM (heat, dryness) to keep the itch off.
    • as many women on this list have indicated, i wouldn't experiment with anything drastic just before the playa. Too much itch potential. I've seen women in all states though trimming is definitely more popular in the US. Really depends upon what makes you feel sexy. My suggestion is to get a professional bikini wax and bring some lotion. I used to call those my 'cuteness appointments'. ;0

      but NOW i have a $65 epilator and wow, it is my best investment in recent memory. Bought it from I've never had much success with home waxing and shaving is a pain plus it doesn't really work. This epilator is the next best thing to a permanent hair removal. Keeps me smooth for 2-3 weeks.
      • Ferocious, you're a better man than I am. I'll use the epilator on my legs and pits before the burn, so the grow-in isn't so prickly, but I can't imagine using it on my pubes. Yeowch!
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        As many have said, your own comfort is key. Here is my input though, if you would like to be more "in fashion" as far as pubic hairs goes.

        1) I work for the company that makes RealDolls. They're lifesized ultra-realistic silicone dolls. The current trend in orders, mostly from men 50+, is to have either no pubic hair at all, or a small strip about an inch wide. At most 2 inches. It is very rare that a man ordering right now will want a full bush. Considering these guys pay $7000+ for these "fantasies made real" they put quite a good deal of thought into the pubic hair selection.

        2) Do not shave, especially if you're not used to it. Razor burn is a complete monster and regrowth is even worse. Try trimming first and consider a wax. Someone else mentioned getting the wax a week before you leave which is a good idea. If you decide to get a bikini wax or a Brazilian wax, make sure you go to someone recommended by people who know what they're talking about. I get waxed and it's so much better than shaving and lasts a very long time. It hurts the first few times so take a few Advil before you go if you decide to try this. The weeks of smoothness and prettiness is so worth it though...

        3) If ingrowns are an issue with shaving or with waxing, Tend Skin is supposed to be good but I've found a nice course facial scrub a few times a week is ample. I use the St Ives Apricot scrub. Smells nice and feels gooooood!

        Good luck with whatever you choose to do and have a wonderful time out there!
        • thanks

          for all the thoughtful replies. i realize this may redundant for some long time posters, but if it comes up every year, it probably means newbies or people like me that are in a 'new' situation. everybody has been a dear. my personal choice will be to trim. but i do think i'll have to re-think the granny panties. though there's no way this droopy old ass is going to be seen in a thong!
        • thanks for all the thoughtful replies. i realize for some long time posters this may be redundant, but for newbies or people like myself finding myself in a new situation, the willingness to share experience embodies burningman.
          but i do think i'll have to re-think the granny panties. but no way is this droopy old ass going to be seen in a thong!
  • Just my two cents:

    While I find the idea of being completely shaved (and thus more attractive to most men...we're swingers) rather exciting, in my experience it is just not worth it. It's a difficult area to get very smooth without cutting myself (especially since I can't see everything!), and I think having some bush there is much preferable to having scratchy stubble. The worst is that little nook right at the top of the vulva and the base of the pubic mound. It's such an awkward, tight little corner, and with the hair growing in the direction it does there, it's nigh impossible to get smooth even if you can manage the rest of it. My husband calls it the "clit-stache" area, and it's a nightmare.

    I generally just shave my legs, armpits, and anything in the crotch area that would show when I wear my swimsuit. The rest just gets a trim. Besides, when it's hot, the crotch area can get pretty sweaty, and if there is no pubic hair, everything can slip around much more easily, and that in combination with razor burn or ingrown hairs can mean a pretty nasty rash. If being that little bit more sexually desirable means putting up with all that nastiness, I'll keep the bush!
    • UGh I would never completely do it. Yikes. NOt only do i think it looks wierd, but its way too itchy. "Further down there" is another story!
      My husband would NEVER let me shave it all off up top.

      I think lots of hair looks great on some girls, others I dont think so as much. I think every woman has their own look when it comes to this. Most of the men I talk to feel the same way. 'Depends on the woman" Some women can rock the bush.
      My husband has had girlfriends that he said one of their best attributes was their bush.
    • it took me a while to give into it...but finally i went smooth...all bits! and how sexy it is...i love it! the venus razors are fantastic...i've never cut myself. every other day exfoliation with dr. bronners and a loofah cut way down on ingrowns...and i never shave against the hair on my woman bits as it itches like crazy during regrowth!

      but yeah...nothing drastic before hitting the playa.
  • I think hair accumulates odors, and I'm fastidious, so I wax it all off Brazilian-style. Nothing like having your face pressed to the massage table and your ass up in the air to get the butt crack waxed. Wheeee!

    Also, IME I have less trouble with yeast if I keep the hair removed down below. Makes it a less moist-n-humid environment.
  • trim

    Trim, don't shave.

    After shaving...The stubble and itching can be brutal, especially if this is your first go at it.
    And you don't want to be in discomfort in the middle of a hot desert.

    Trimming is definitely the way to go.
    Better for the heat.

    Besides, the smoothness right after a shave is relatively short-lived.
    And while it may feel good at first, it just doesn't do well when you add sweat, etc.
  • this is so weird. now i learn from the brazilian post that ass cracks are shaved too? is that what some of you were referring to when you said even 'further down'? at that point isn't it starting to come back up? i can't imagine stubble rubbing between ass cheeks! incomprehensible!
    another funny thing is i did shave a little and trim a little. and i find that i have a very white pubic mound that doesn't match the rest of my flesh! it's like it has a flashlight light cast upon it! lol.
    • No I meant further down like the landing strip. I would never shave to top crotch area by the tummy. That just itches like fuckin crazy and looks wierd IMO. My husband would freak out if i shaved that top part. Further down when i said it means the actual meat. hahahaaa
      • "I think hair accumulates odors, and I'm fastidious, so I wax it all off Brazilian-style. Nothing like having your face pressed to the massage table and your ass up in the air to get the butt crack waxed. Wheeee!

        Also, IME I have less trouble with yeast if I keep the hair removed down below. Makes it a less moist-n-humid environment."

        I totally disagree. Theres a reason we grow hair down there, and its not to make you dirtier.
        • removal on the ass, inbetween the cheeks, happens too when you go smooth. if you get waxed...i've found that's no as painful as other places!!

          eew...if you trim everywhere...why not around the belly?
          • Pubic hair is intended to keep the inside cleaner by creating a barrier to "inward traffic" ... its our conceptions of beauty and preference that have changed this understanding over time. That being said ... everyone's body is different when it comes to sweat and stubble.

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