leg pimple? ingrown hair? no idea. help?

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hey ladies. i was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for me, as i haven't had to deal with anything like this before.

this morning i woke up with what looked like 2 pimples on my right calf. last night the area was itchy, but i thought it was just a bug bite (i do live in new orleans, it happens). so i put a compress on them and popped them, and tried to see if there were any hairs that were unhappy but couldnt see any. i cleaned them out and havent really touched them.

now there's a fun inflamed area around the two little pinpricks and they pinpricks look kinda green? almost. they were more greenheads tan whiteheads now that i think back on it. i was running (am running) on very little sleep
the area is now super inflamed and is slightly warm to the touch. i compressed again and it helped a little, but i'm really not sure what to do.

any suggestions?
(sorry for the gross factor!)

you guys rock
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  • Heat & swelling usually indicate infection. If you're not in any other serious pain, then I'd treat it like any other infected wound, clean with peroxide, apply antibiotic ointment, bandage. If needed, and you're up to it, lance it with a sterile needle and drain it first.
    I'd up my vitamin C, take some echinacea as if it were a regular bug in the system. If you don't see any change in 24 hours, or it gets worse, get to a doctor.
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      thank you soooz!
      that's what i've been doing and i figured that if it still sucks tomorrow i'll head over to the health center. i'm glad i got that box of clementines at the store yesterday! great excuse to munch on em, eh?
    • the first instinct is to lance these things, and to squeeze them, anything to get rid of them, actually, lancing, no matter how sterile your needle may be is not recommended, as it can cause seriously infection and risk of septicemia..

      warm to hot compresses, and some antibacterial salve should help. if the wound is draining then ya can cover it with a piece of sterile gauze,

      watch for RED LINES going up from the wound.. or if the site swells and becomes fevered

      if that happens get thee to a doc for some antibiotics....

      but DON'T Squeeze it or lance it... if ya really feel the need to do that. see a doc so they can do it in a controlled sterile environ... else ya risk the chance of serious infection...

      keep the hot compresses on it..... ya can also soak in epsom salts... that will pull out an infection too....

      Good luck Darlin...

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        thanks bare!
        the area is definitely swollen and a little warm to the touch, but i peroxide and neosporin-ed it so hopefully that helps.
        i will refrain from the poking. it kinda squicks me out anyway. you'd think that with teh number of holes in my head i'd be able to deal with sticking myself but noway.

        ill let it sit for a bit and head to the health center in the morning. they're going to get really tired of me at this point.

        compresses: check!
  • make sure this is not a brown recluse bite, they get a dark center and then create a huge sore. You might want to get it checked out.
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      it was definitely a pimple type thing this morning. and there were two different ones. there's also no red streaking.

      but now i'm freaked out

      it's defintely looking more like puss and it's keeping contained to that one spot.
      • Have you been any place, like a nail salon or a gym, that might not keep things clean? You might want to tell the clinic that, cuz it could be some kind of staph infection. Definitely get thee to the clinic as soon as you can, and in the meantime compresses and Neosporin or something sounds like a good idea.
        • I should mention that I am not a nurse or anything, just that there was an outbreak like that in my neighborhood last year ...
          • I am very much not a doctor, but it sounds sort of like a staph infection of some sort. Very similiar symptons that I had when I got a staph infection on my face. Though it was acne, it wasn't, let it go til it got worse and ended up on a strong dose of antibiotics.

            If it isn't better, definately go get it checked. These things can be easily dealt with if you nip them in the bud early enough.
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              thanks ladies!
              if it isnt better by morning i'll be heading to the student health center for sure.
              i did a compress not too long ago and that helped some. so that's good. but i am definitely keeping an eye on it
              • I know someone who had a "zit" on her finger that she kept
                trying to pop and after a while it got more and more swollen
                until it was diagnosed as MRSA Staph, or antibiotic resistant
                staph infection. That put her in the hospital for a few days
                on an IV. Don't let this go....

              • brown recluse bites: this came up on another tribe about a year ago, beauty secrets for divas or homemade beauty remedies. . .apply a paste of baking soda and water or a patch of bread soaked in milk. These counter the poison. I gave my bro the baking soda paste, it worked as first aid, tho he did require medical treatment, they said it could have been way worse.
                Your pimple sounds like 2 I had a few years ago, also on my leg. I used to have ingrown hair issues too. The doc prescribed antibiotics, which is when I hit on the herbals and knocked it out.
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    aaand the verdict is!


    you ladies win. i have anti-biotics, an epsom salt compress, and i'm ready for this to be done.

    thank you so so so much for your input and suggestions. y'all are the best
    • Yeah, kill the fuck out of that staph. Glad you went to the doctor and took care of that.

      DIE STAPH!!
      • Yay, Wish! Glad you went to the clinic right away. I hope it disappears just as quickly as it appeared. Sista hugs to you!
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          big hugs back!
          here's to hopin that these be miracle pills
          • Oh jeez I got a massive staph infection on the backs of my thighs and on my butt from falling onto the toilet (I NEVER sit on ANY toilet but lost my balance and fell down on it) at a club on halloween 2 years ago?. That was HORRIBLE. Two little bumps doesnt sound so bad but I know how bad it can be. I'm glad that you went to the doctor :)
            • I got a horrible staph infection on my upper thigh from, as far as I could tell, an airplane restroom. It went from looking like a pimple to being dime sized to being quarter sized with a line leading up my vein into my groin and another sore up there that was dime sized, all in the space of about 12 hrs. Very scary shit. It was when I flew out here to interview for the job that wound up moving me out here from the east coast. I called the insurance help line and talked to a nurse practitioner on the phone, told her I was travelling and couldn't get to my doctor, described the symptoms and she said: "Oh jeez, honey, hang up this phone and get to an emergency room!" It shook some sense into me. I got, and got a giant hypodermic in my butt cheek when I got there, plus a prescription for horsepill antibiotics to take home with me. Thankfully my bug wasn't that MR whatsis.
              • unfortunately, I also contracted a staph infection on my behind, didnt have a clue what it was, cept it was a "rash" that itched and spread for good while until they finally gave me a creme and some antibiotics that took care of it,

                however, not before it had spread to my torso, it was incredibly uncomfortable... and took a good long time to get rid of it.... I soaked everyday for 2 weeks in Aveno baths, and epsom salts....

                keep it dry, and medicated, and DONT pick at it or it will continue to spread....

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                  oh man the epsom soak is freaking fantastic. it feels wonderful and does all kinds of good things. does not suck.

                  oh man staph on the butt? that does not sound fun. it's annoying enough as it is on my calf i can't imagine what i'd do if it was on my behind.

                  apparently these staph infections have been showing up all over campus. one of my good friends had two recently, or so i was informed yesterday. far more common than i thought.

                  now i just have to keep myself from scratching at the's itchy!
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                    Wish & Everyone , my family has fought staph in the past and it can be gruesome! I had one so bad that the skin wouldn't heal and they had to apply mesh bandages that would absorb into the skin to promote healing. I have found something that helps greatly. Even if you have a small suspect itchy bump, get some "Betadine" solution (not cheap) and apply with a q-tip or cotton ball. Cover it with a bandage and by all means, leave it alone, don't squeeze or it forces the infection inward. Everybody, don't mess with this stuff, it caused major organ damage to my son who now needs a heart transplant. Make sure you finish your antibiotics and as it can be contagious, property dispose of anything that comes in contact with the bump/boil. Wash your clothes separately from the rest of the family using high temps. Be well!
                    • wow, brenda, that is a powerful warning, that your son needs a heart transplant from the ravages of a staph infection. i hope that works out as smoothly as possible, sending lots of mojo to him.

                      i was concerned because wish is in nola, and down there there are sorts of nasty things rampant. i'm glad you got it taken care of quickly, wish, and i know many of us are much more educated about staph, what it looks like and why it's important to take care of it pronto!
                • About the same as me Bare, it didnt get into my blood system but that shit will spread! Luckily for me it was only on the backs of my thighs and lower part of my behind.

                  When I called my nurse practitioner and described what it was though, she casually said oh that sounds like Herpes. I was like on my legs?!?!?! OH MY GOD!!! I was devastated!!! I went in for an emergency apt. with my gyno. I told her the nurse practioner said it was herpes and she looked at it said it wasnt herpes and then went into the hall found the nurse I had spoken with over the phone and chewed her out for 5 mins!!! The doctor could see how upset I had been and I'm glad she let that nurse have it. Yeesh. That day HELLA sucked.
            • Aw geez. I hate it when people won't sit on the loo... spray all over the seat - icky.
              (and yeah, it's better than someone getting staph, but geez. I've got to go in there next and avoid the spray leftovers!)

              Momma always taught me to lay toilet paper over the seat before sitting down on it.
              (and if I made a mess, to wipe the seat with tp when I was done, leaving it clean for the next person. ...and thank you to folks who clean up their messes, after.)

              ...but would tp covering the seat be enough to stop staph?
              I dunno.

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