Inner thigh chaffing and sweating...please help!

topic posted Fri, August 17, 2007 - 7:26 PM by  Stacy
Ok so I see all these awsome women sporting little hipster booty shorts and panties and such a BM. Their thighs are often like mine (curvy) so how on earth do they keep from chaffing their inner thighs and such out in the heat. I always feel like I have to cover my inner thighs to prevent sweating and chaffing. Any tips on how I can play on the playa in barely anything without being physically uncomfortable? I felt bogged down by my clothing last year. I

And does anyone have any recomendations on shaving my legs out on the playa without using water and getting the skin to irritated...somebody mentioned olive oil and paper towls (???)...I want to be stuble free but my hair is so thick and grows so fast, I will have to shave everyday to keep it that way.

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  • As far as sweating or chaffing goes, just powder yourself with a bit of corn starch on your thighs. It should do you fo a bit and then you will need to sprinkle a bit more on .

    I love it.
    It's like talc! .... but without the cancer.
    • I definitely second the corn starch, I use it, not only does it smell good but it feels like silk... and doesnt have any of that silica stuff..... and though it keeps the moisture in check it doesnt make ya feel al slippery and sticky..

      slippery and sticky is good, sometimes, but only in certain situations.... <grin>

  • I chafe a lot (love those thick thighs!). Last year I discovered Buttpaste (yes, Buttpaste). Look at the products in the diaper rash section... they're all good for chafing. Also, wear tights at night to give your thigh rub a break. Use a fur or comfy bike seat cover too, it helps during the day.

    As for the razor burn... well, that's why I started waxing for the playa. I've never mastered the art of preventing razor burn.
  • For the hair thing, I'd just get waxed before going.

    I'm epilating a couple days before myself...

    As for the thigh thing, I've got nothing to offer on that, but thanks for bringing it up because I too have that problem, and other ladies have offered great advice! :)
    • I can't use hair creams OR waxing..they just don't seem to work for me..even when done only option is to shave...and I will have to do that everyday out there if I actually want non-stubbly legs. :( It's a pain, I wish there was something I could do to make the process more convenient.
      • "I wish there was something I could do to make the process more convenient."

        Stacey, try the Almond Oil from L'Occitane. It is fabulous. It will keep your skin super-soft and hydrated, adds extra proctection while shaving, and since you only use a few drops, it is easy to carry.

        Here is what I would do, if you have thick, coarse hair: Use a spray bottle to moisten your clean sking - ie use babywipes to remove the playa dust. Put on a few drops of oil, and work it into a rich, thick lather. Add more water if needed. Leave it on for about a minute to penetrate your skin before you start shaving. I use this stuff regularly instead of foam for shaving. Not only does it feel great, it smells absolutely dreamy and leaves your skin silky soft. Hope you like it as much as I do!
  • I bought BodyGlide today. Found it at the sporting goods store. Keeping my legs crossed hoping it works! Thanks for all the tips!
    • As far as the shaving, take out an extra small tent and put a small kid's blow up swimming pool in it(the smallest one you can completely fit into is best). Store your cooler (s) in the tent and set them up so the food doesn't get into the water and make it yucky (ziplocs). After your ice melts drain it into the pool. If the pool isn't too big that'll give you an inch or two of water to take a bath in (more towards the end of the week). When you go in to "bathe" and "shave" take in a gallon jug of water and a cup to pour it on yourself to rinse. This way you can have a nice bath in a very small amount of water, and even wash your hair.

      I keep one of those small thetford portapotties in mine so I don't have to run 2 blocks to the dark potties at night and extra stuff that I'd be tripping over otherwise (I pack almost everything in a couple those rubbermaid tubs and store it in my little tent). If it's a really hot day, that is a great place to hang out from noon-2 or whatever soaking up water and reading. The tent keeps dust out of the pool and me out of the direct sunlight while I'm lounging. I have this elaborate greywater system to get rid of the 2 or 3 inches of water in the pool on Saturday after my bath (I usually leave Monday or Tuesday so all of the water has evaporated by then)
      • as i finished fashioning my pretty furry seat cover on my bike...
        my dear friend told me her story about inner thigh chaffing caused by the furry
        seat on her bike. she feels since the fur holds onto playa dust, and she was sweaty riding her bike around...after a day or two she developed horrible chaffing.

        she recommended i bring another seat cover just in case...

        and i know you ingrown hairs can sometimes be caused by shaving against the hair...up the maybe for a week you can try shaving with the hair or down the leg. not as smooth, but oh the price we pay for beauty!!! i myself would rather deal with a tiny bit of scruff vs. horrible ingrowns!! i use lotion, a small cup o'water, and some lovely things to put in my lungs to relax myself during the process. :-)

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