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I am noticing a little embarassment about female bodies among some of us here. There is a lot of cultural programming to shame us about the miraculous things our bodies can do, about the female reproductive life cycle from first menses to menapause. And there's a lot of cultural programming to make us call a totally fabulicious part of our bodies "down there," as if it is some far away subterannean place not quite reachable without headlamps and special tools. No big speech to make. Just thought it might be fun to have a space to praise, support, name the secret mysterious places and rites of us.

<looks around sheepishly, then stands up very tall>

I'll start with a little naming.... VAGINA.

What do you call yours?
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  • Depends on the mood. If I'm just feeling neutral and mature, vagina will do. Sometimes a Python-ish "naughty bits" is good for a laugh. I'll usually go with just "bits" or "womanly / girl bits" or even "parts," because of the negative connotation of naughty. I don't like to propagate stereotypes of that sort, since I think shame is a shame in and of itself, and sex is good and healthy.

    If I'm feeling shocking and silly, twat, cunt, pussy. Yeah, I love to see the shock on guys' faces when I say cunt or twat. It's friggin' hilarious!

    • ever since I read Inga Musial's book CUNT, I have loed the word, and though I don;t call mine that very often I also love the shock value of saying the word... and the word twat makes me laugh.... such a silly word..

      I call mine pussy... and I love the double entendre,

      my GF calls hers her Box.... and we frequently joke about box lunch...

      • yeah, ever since i did the "reclaiming cunt" monologue in the vagina monologues, i've loved that word.
        • I've both read CUNT and been in the production of "The Vagina Monologues" on three seperate occations. And love them both.
          Friends of mine strongly encouraged me along the path to these as they felt I was "far too innocent for someone over 30" (at the time)
          Now, though I can say the words and do prefere vagina, I tend to use the word most comfortable for the people I'm around.
  • Mmm,depends on the context! In conversation with mylarry, I tend to use "she" or "her.' His is "him" or "little guy." When talking about pussies in general, well, I use pussy, unless it's a technical conversation, then I tend to use the correct terms. Twat just sounds so nasty to me, I use it as an insult, along with bint, because I can say bint anywhere. When I'm carried away and getting chatty and loud during sex, it's "fuck my pussy," I'm too busy to think of synonyms at the time.

    I love my lop-sided lipped, sideways-peeing, Klegel-clutching, fat old happy hairy pussy. We have some marvelous times together.
  • I have to say that the best name I have heard for down below has to be "Squish Mitten". Makes me laugh every time I hear it!

    And "Ham Wallet" comes a close second.
  • eleanor. :)
    Not really, though I may start... I kinda like it.
    Pussy, most frequenly, cunt on occasion, and my boyfriend likes to call it "coochie". I've always considered my pussy, oddly, to be a little masculine, but I'm getting brainwashed into referring to it as "she" since several of my lovers have.
    • My pussy's name is Eleanor!! Hehehe, my cat that is... When I read your post it almost made me snort coffee out of my nose I laughed so hard *lol*
  • my boyfriend used to call it mary, i dont remember why...

    I dont really have a nick name for it, usually just refer to it as the usual, vagina, pussy, femine parts.

    I do like the term va-j-j from greys anatomy though, but that hasnt caught on with my boyfriend yet.
  • Coochie or yoni works for me.
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      and good old tomboy lingo-- crotch. both boys and girls have one! Yaaay!

      i used crotch for my little girl, so thats how she knows it, but her daddy is trying to train her in "private parts". Boys have wieners, though, she says.....

      I have a lover that abbreviates things-- "vage" "ayn" things like that. kinda like shorthand....
      • yay! I use crotch too.

        My partner, he likes to call it a "fun muffin" I laugh each time he says it because it's just awfully cute.
        • If I'm talking clinically, or to someone in an older generation, i'll say "vulva" or "vagina" unless I know I can say pussy, cunt, twat, snatch without holding back.

          It's also really funny to get really "technically obscure" and call it the "sector of my region".

          I too, have a better vagina vocab. after the monologues.
  • I learned "punani" a few years ago.
    • squish mitten...
      special tools...

      OMG! I'm cracking up over here...!! This is the funniest thread I've read on tribe in a long time!! I'm dyin' here....

      Oh.. I usually call it my girly bits, but I'm gonna start using Squish Mitten...!!
  • COOCHIE SNORCHER! Okay okay not really, I took that from vagina monologues...

    poon tang, pooter, pussy, vagina, probably others too
    • haha here in hawaii its normal to say nani for vagina... which in hawaiian also means pretty... hmmm
      • Usually I call mine pussy. to everyone I talk to about it. husband. friends. Of course I would use a more technical term "vagina" in more serious company. Just heard on TV "hoo-hah" . I ike that
  • Twinky or twink for short.

    Along these same lines does anyone have neet names for thier breasts? I love calling mine the "Orbes of Power" !
    • Er, I was told "twink" was short for young, hot and gay, either gender. Hmmm. That could get confusing in a hurry!

      "The Rack of Infinite Wisdom" Thank you, American Dad.
      • A friend of mine years ago, who use to write romance novels had a book full of words to use instead of. When I was bored I use to flip though it until I couldn't stop laughing.
        My favorite two were
        For vagina------ the velvet sheath.
        for breasts------golden globes of love.

        I wish I could remember the name of that book. It was so much fun.
  • So what is your actual comfort level with you Pusnvagsquishmitwateny? I remember hearing that some girls' mothers slap them when they first get their period, other people are taught it's very shameful and to keep it to themselves? My mom was great! She she was totally celebratory with me about it. But I still knew it was a big secret none of the boys should know about. I still sometimes find myself furtively letting female friends know I've got it** and "sparing" the boys. I also find myself speaking about it matter of factly (as appropriate to the situation) with men, because it's too stupid and annoying to have to protect them from my scary body.

    **speaking of "got it," there is some great language around this, too. I like "on the rag" and anything having to do with aunts (or anybody) "visiting."
  • good topic! there are so many good names out there...keep it coming ladies (no pun intended:)

    so, a classic favorite of mine would be cootch, or cootchi.

    when i'm feeling romantical with my husband i call it my flower

    when i'm feelin' duuurrrrrty, it's definitely cunt or pussy

    and the kids these days are calling the lips "beef curtains".....haha, a bit heavy for my taste (also, no pun intended:), but somehow still fitting.
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      easily one of the funnier threads in a while. thanks for starting it.

      like bare, i love the word "twat". i just love it.

      cunt or pussy if it's time for the sexin'. i will often use "bits", "lady bits" or "wimmin bits" for other times.

      if i'm talking to a doctor i use the "appropriate" words. but is it me or is "vagina" just the most unattractive, clinical sounding word? i don't think i have any hang ups about my bits, i just have a thing with unwieldy words and "vagina" qualifies.

      i have heard "yoni", "coochie", "hey nanny nanny" and "va-j-j" and i think they're all amusing and cute when taken in context. meaning, if the construction worker on 3rd avenue thinks he needs to be talking to me about my coochie, he's dead wrong.

      anything referring to "curtains" makes me want to heave, i can't explain why. i also find "gash" to be incredibly offensive and i don't offend easily at ALL.

      and my boobs have always been known as "the girls". as in, me and the girls are going shoe shopping now. as a parenthetical side note, one of my gf's used to refer to hers (pre-breast feeding) as "pride" and "joy". i got a kick out of that one.

      comfort level with mine...well i was always fine with it until i started hearing about bleaching assholes and waxing yonis within an inch of their life and then jesus christ on a poptart, now we're supposed to start trimming our labia surgically? when the hell did THAT start? i think porn has done the same thing to woman about our bits as the fashion industry has done to the rest of our bodies. our cunts used to be free from judgement! now we have to start worrying that our twats are not attractive? criminal.
      • "bleaching assholes"?

        This is a new one to me. I mean trimming and waxing your bush, I understand... it has as much to do with comfort as it does looks. But bleaching your bunghole? That takes it to a whole new level.
        • >>This is a new one to me. I mean trimming and waxing your bush, I understand... it has as much to do with comfort as it does looks. But bleaching your bunghole? That takes it to a whole new level.<<

          Most of our mothers had the biggest, bushiest bushes. Yes, and their mothers before them, too. And nobody thought it was uncomfortable. Like they went around saying, "This strange hair growing on my vagina! So uncomfortable!" Please! Mine ain't comfortable when it's growing out, I'll tell ya. This is just some crazy fashion we're doing now.

          It's like tooth bleaching. It's getting to where having normal, human colored teeth is considered gross. (I mean, even people who chomp down on the teeth-cleaning greens and don't drink coffee or smoke do not have glow-in-the-black-light white teeth.)

          A generation ago, it was cool to have a bush like some big crazy fluffy bedroom slipper, and it was okay to have teeth-colored teeth.

          I'm sure in a few years, no girl coming up today will dare let her man catch her with her poopshoot unbleached.

          Too much money, in this country, people. Too much money. Send some of it to me, yo!
  • Does anyone remember in Sex in the City where Samantha decided she wanted to try being a lesbian? She was dating a Portuguese woman who called it her puseta. I've always loved that term since then and usually use it. But I love pussy too, that's my other favorite :)

    I actually teach sex ed to people with disabilities, so talking about vagina's does not phase me in the least anymore!
  • haha, I jokingly will call it my 'beef curtains" or "hanging ham sandwich"

    But usually I call it my yonie, coonch, choh-cha, pussy or when I'm being cute with my boyfriend my "lady bits"

    I call my boobs the Carmel Mountains. :)
  • Anybody notice the following ad pop up on this thread?:

    Smell Of Vagina
    Humiliated by Female Fishy Odor? Permanently Eliminate it Guaranteed

    HELLO! IT'S A THREAD ABOUT PRIDE, dignity, not feeling like you have to hide or be humiliated by your body? Fuck Femanol. tee hee.
  • I'll use "girly bits" when referring to my labia piercings. As in, I'll mention I have body piercings and folks will immediately look at my ears, face and then down to my nipples searching for stray bits of metal. Then I'll just "girly bits" and kinda wiggly my fingers in the general direction. The look of dawning recognition is hilarious ROFL
    • I like calling my hood piercing my "downstairs decor".
      • squeeeeeee i love it!!! i may get one just so i can say that (okay not really) ;)
        • for me it is usually cookie.. or if iam in the mood.. something like fuck my pussy now.. works too

          as for the chest i have "pinky and the brain"
          one is a genius and the other is insane... lol

          funnyness... i call boys parts a twinkie...
          so my son always calls his that...
          and he just got potty trained...
          the other day he was like screaming
          "momma my twinkie is gonna leak..." it was pretty cute
          • OK, I'll chime in.

            I usually say cootchie or cunt, and will use pussy on occasion, but I find it squicks me out way more than cunt. Yoni strikes me as somehow highfalutin', but punani I like.

            As for being comfortable touching my genitals, I have a terrible time with applicator tampons (I never seem to get the trajectory right), and have a lot of experience with cervical caps and whatnot. I am usually in really good shape about that.
          • <as for the chest i have "pinky and the brain"
            one is a genius and the other is insane... lol >

            hahaha!! That is soooo funny and awesome!! You're breasts are a diabolical team!
  • Unsu...
    Love this post! hilarious and inspiring all in one :D

    my friend sabrina came up with the best one (i think) yet, she calls it her: Vachonch. (Va-Cho [long O sound] n-ch) my girlfriends and i have been using it ever since!
    for boobies, well, boobies obviously, and "tha ladies" said in sort of a shmarmy's so much fun!

    awesome :D
    • lets get a little international shall we......

      Cajun=Gallete or Cocotte
      Indonesian=Memek / Puki / Pepe
      Thai=Ai sat
      Aregentinean Spanish=Cachucha
      Cuban Spanish=Bollo
      Mexican Spanish=La cocha
      Venezuelan Spanish=Papo
      Salvadorian Spanish=Cuca

  • I've been reading this entire thread and you still haven't hit on mine yet!
    From a girlfriend and it stuck.

    Puswa. Poo-swah.

    A little exotic; a little cute!

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